Heroes of the Faith Magazine




This magazine provides incredible insight into historical and recent moves of God that have seen salvations, miracles, signs, and wonders.  Read about the lives of these profound men and women of God through 18 power packed Issues:

Issue 2 - George Jeffreys, Teddy Hodgson, Jonathan Edwards, Michael Brown

Issue 3 - George Whitefield, Hudson Taylor, Alan Benson, Fanny Crosby

Issue 4 - Azusa Street, Oral Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, T.B. Barrett, Phoebe Palmer

Issue 5 - Donald Gee, Jack Coe, Lady Jane Grey, Oxford Martyrs, Smith Wigglesworth

Issue 6 - John Wesley, Shaftesbury, Kathryn Kuhlman, Do-Gooders

Issue 7 - William Tyndale, Charles Finney, David Wilkerson, Minnie Adams, T.S. Parfitt

Issue 8 - C.S. Lewis, John Stott, Benson Idahosa, Katharina, Oswald Smith, Derek Prince 

Issue 9 - Rees Howells, C.T. Studd, Cassie Bernall, Hugh Latimer, Bendigo

Issue 10 - Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John G. Lake, Reinhard Bonnke

Issue 11 - Eric Liddell, Frank Jenner, Jan Hus, Aimee Semple McPherson

Issue 12 - Billy Graham, Evan Roberts, William FP Burton

Issue 13 - Wilberforce, Susanna Wesley, Oral Roberts, Leonard Ravenhill 

Issue 14 - Alexander Boddy, DL Moody, Sarah Edwards, Keith Green

Issue 15 - Charles Finney, William Branham, John Newton, Colonel Sanders

Issue 16 - C.S. Lewis, William Tyndale, Madame Guyon, Ernest Gordon

Issue 17 - Amy Carmichael, T.L. Osborn, Demos Shakarian, Charles Wesley, D.L. Moody

Issue 18 - Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Fred Ramsbottom, Martin Luther, Elizabeth Fry

Issue 19 - W.F.P. Burton, John Calvin, Andrew Murray, Leonard Ravenhill, Bapa Timmy

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